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(KMAland) – Drought has been on the minds of many farmers for several weeks. However, welcome rains fell in parts of the farming country over the weekend. Ryan Martin is an agricultural meteorologist from Warsaw, Indiana. He says there could be more moisture on the way in agricultural areas over the next seven to ten days.

“We’re going to see moisture build up in a lot of very dry areas so far. It starts in the plains, especially in the northern plains, and then with the humidity that flows through the central plains. And then we have an active weather pattern in parts of the Corn Belt, I think, Thursday and Friday. The western cornbelt gets it first, followed by the central and eastern cornbelt next weekend. So really, I have rain coming to all of the growing areas at some point over the next ten days. I have to say, that won’t be enough to satisfy the Drought Monitor cards and make all those brown, yellow, and orange baddies go away.

He talks about some of the changes in weather conditions that lead to cooler temperatures and a bit of humidity.

“You get changes in air mass and here over the last week we’ve seen some really hot air moving north and seeing a quote, ‘hot dome’ developing over the western states. -United. Well, if you push the jet stream this far north to Canada, British Columbia, Alberta, even Saskatchewan, you see amplification of a deeper trough further east, and we So we saw a little moderate temperatures better, and even cooling for the next seven to 10 days. I think that’s part of it. I also think you get a little more moisture injected into the southern United States outside of the tropics that can eventually make its way to the cornbelt.

The southern United States saw more rain than expected.

“The problem they saw there is not so much the frequency of humidity as when it rains, it rains, so as not to sound cliché. But you see a lot of moisture, when it comes in, totals three, four, five, or six inches just over the last week or so. You’ve seen eight- and nine-inch totals in the Delta, Deep South, certainly seeing tropical influences. And again, it’s not the humidity. It is the global aspect of humidity that is problematic in the South.

As the model transforms into what we typically see in the summer, Martin says it should stay there for a while.

“I think we’re probably keeping it going until the first half of July, as it’s showing up to me right now. My long-term forecast for the growing season has always been warmer and drier from the second half of July through August. I stick to that; I am not changing it for the moment. But still, I think we’re looking for decent humidity. I’m not going to say excessive humidity, but decent humidity until probably mid-July in most cases.

He says the drought is not necessarily due to a dry spring. He says it’s more about a lack of moisture from the previous winter which makes things a little worse than they would be otherwise.

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