A religious event will take place at the Baptist Church of the Dubois community | Local scenes

CLARK COUNTYOn July 12, there was a microburst who blew up Main Street in Dubois. The wind uprooted a tree near the old Hotel Rasmussen. Local law enforcement officers blocked the road as they returned the tree to its original position. The same strong wind and a few days later blew a bunch of branches, pine cones and other debris in our area.

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Annual swimming lessons which are sponsored by the Dubois Lions Club started. Classes are held at the Idaho Falls Aquatic Center.

Bonnie stoddard is happy that her granddaughter Devori Beckman-Spangler (with husband Matt and son Jack), from Friend, Nebraska, is here for a summer vacation. They stayed with his parents Wade and Vicki Beckman in Roberts. Although Devori and her family are due home on July 23, Bonnie hopes to attend Ken & Pearl Stoddard’s annual family reunion on July 24. It is usually held in Montana, but the location has been changed to Rexburg due to the fires in that area.

Jim farley was happy that his eldest son John (graduated from Clark County High School in 1981) was coming home for their annual trip to Wisdom, MT, where they own a home. The guys went to Wisdom for one night, then returned to Dubois for a few days before heading to John’s place in Rialto, CA. John said he and his father would be staying in Big Piney, Wyoming for a few days with his sister Ellen Mullikin. There they would celebrate John’s birthday.

Val Stetler from Harrisburg, Pa., stopped in Dubois for lunch on July 14. He rides his bike from Salt Lake City to Sheridan, MT. He said he is a “traveling troubadour” and only plays his music when he is abroad. Mr. Stetler is a civil engineering contractor who has three adult daughters. Stetler camped at Spencer that night and the next morning had breakfast with Danette Frederiksen at The Grill on Spencer’s Hill.

A religious event of July 22 is planned at the Baptist church of the Dubois community. Joel Willoughby of Ankeny, Iowa, known for having a YouTube program called “Bible and Brains”, will be in attendance. He and his family traveled through Idaho and other states to visit family and friends. His wife, Beth Ann Javaux-Willoughby has parents in Boise, Caldwell and Notus, Idaho. Everyone is invited to dinner from 5.45 p.m. next Thursday (July 22) and / or to the program which starts at 7 p.m.

Sunday services continue with the sacrament and speakers at Beaver Creek Ward / Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They start at 10 o’clock. Humanitarian food aid is given by some of the members and other local people every Monday in Dubois.

Birch Creek Campout / Annual Meeting July 9 and 11 was a great moment for all involved. They held a live auction there.

The Clark County Fair in Dubois is scheduled for August 19-21. Stay tuned for more details on the categories of open classes that community members can participate in.

Dist. from Clark County School. # 161 former superintendent Dr Blair Wilding and his wife Philline are returning to the LDS mission they worked with prior to the current health pandemic. They serve in Broomfield, Colorado.

Jarom and Bailey Downs de Dubois celebrated his daughter Rosin’s 5th birthday at Waring Park (Dubois City) on July 5th. Her “golden birthday” party included a bouncy house with a slide. Bailey said they had a lot of food and fun with their family and friends.

Happy Birthday at: July 21 – Rand Hamer Dixon, Erica Bobcat Perez, Celena Hamill and Christian Weibell; 22nd of July – Jolene T. Johnson, Haylee MOosman, Pyper Thompson and Gage Vadnais Maher; July 23 – Mark Schlader, Zeb Lair Knudsen, Cynthis Squires, Dillan Smith, Brian Nordstrom Bodie H011y May, Jackie Locascio and Luze G. Noriega; July 24 (Happy Pioneer Day) – Dulce Figueroa, Tara Holverson and Hadlee Bramwell; July 25 —Jayn Babcock; Kyzer McCrae Lufkin, Kellie Wilson, Melanie Smith, Clint Barg, Braizley May Ricks, Ramses Sanchez and Samuel Maldonado; July 26 – Brandi Tuttle, Colleen Tuttle, Jacque Stonum, Jessica Whitmill Purcell, Kaitlynn Bell and Pheadra Monroe; July 27 – in memory: Arthur Stevens; Kalysta Smith, Lisa Lovely Kirkpatrick, Melissa T. Smith, Marty Thomas-Owen and Keshia Lewis.

Wedding anniversary greetings at: July 21 – Brian and Jamie Johnston; Keith and Cindy Sue Bramwell; 22nd of July – Jerry and Diane Mortel; Russ and Jenny Kerr; July 24 – Kevin and Elise T. Doschades; July 25 – David and Bethany Chavez; July 27 – Nathan and Ashley Whitaker-Leonardson; Brad and Mayor Annette Eddins.

Have a safe week / weekend. Please slow down and enjoy the road. Please also pay more attention to fire during your summer activities.

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