Artec favorites for 20,000 tonne Korean salmon farming contract

The installation is planned by K Smart Farming (KSF), a joint venture between Norwegian company Salmon Evolution ASA and Korean seafood giant Dongwon Industries. And the contract for the feasibility study was awarded to Artec Aqua.

The agreement includes an intention for Artec Aqua to lead the engineering, delivery, installation and commissioning of the process-related systems and equipment designed in the future construction of the project.

“We are delighted to obtain this feasibility study, which puts us in pole position to deliver the full turnkey construction of this exciting salmon farming facility in South Korea,” said Ingegjerd Eidsvik, CEO of Artec Aqua.

The KSF joint venture plans to use hybrid continuous flow system technology, such as that which Artec Aqua delivers to the Salmon Evolution onshore facility in Indre Harøy, Norway.

“Through our cooperation at Indre Harøya, Salmon Evolution gained first-hand experience of our specialist skills in the engineering and delivery of land-based aquaculture facilities, and as a result, they introduced us to K Smart Farming. We look forward to working with K Smart Farming to make this project happen. The project represents an important step on our way to become a major international supplier of land-based aquaculture facilities, ”added Eidsvik.

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