Boston company plans solar farm in town of Chautauqua | Local company

A land transfer between Refresco Beverages US and the developer of Orchard Park Krog Group paves the way for the construction of a cold storage facility in Dunkirk.

The IDA has approved the purchase of 17.5 acres at 320 and 440 South Roberts Road from Refresco for $ 275,000, and the resale of the property in Krog for the same price. This is a change from a previous plan which involved CCIDA using the power of the eminent domain to acquire a secondary plot for infrastructure work.

As part of the previous plan, an entity called Roberts Road Freezer asked CCIDA for tax breaks to purchase the land, demolish a 167,000 square foot building on the site, and build a new 136,000 square foot refrigerated warehouse with parking, landscaping and other improvements.

He then amended that plan to propose that CCIDA purchase 0.91 acre of an underutilized, private 2.25 acre commercial property, in order to build a new access road from a traffic light at Progress Drive until the new installation. From now on, Krog will take sole responsibility for the entire project, including the access road.

The agency also approved the sale of $ 29,000 of agency-owned land on Harrison Street in Jamestown to the YMCA for a construction project on the site. The YMCA is considering requesting breaks from the agency for the project.

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