Bulloch Co. woman hopes to set up boarding school in Uganda

BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) – A young woman from Bulloch County has been helping young people in Africa for years.

She works as a missionary and is now looking to establish a boarding school in the community to further help the children.

To see the plans and hear the vision, it sounds like something an international organization would launch – not a young woman from Bulloch County farm country and a crowd of supporters from her hometown.

Cierra Crowe graduated from high school in 2015 and went to Uganda as a missionary the same year. She spends her time teaching the Bible to students and caring for their families.

“Ever since I was growing up, I’ve always had a desire to help people, to love people, and to share the gospel with them,” Crowe said.

To help cover her expenses, she formed a non-profit group Delight in the Lord Ministries, with a local board of directors. Together they raise the necessary funds to cover his expenses in Uganda.

Now they have purchased 17 acres in Uganda for Cierra to establish a boarding school to help teach more students. But also, to meet their spiritual, medical and emotional needs as well. Board members say Cierra has sincere and widespread support in her home community.

“We had a recent event and we had someone donate $4 and someone donate $2,500. They heard the same message. People give the way they do,” said board member Joy Waters.

The whole thing would cost close to $1 million to build. Although that seems unrealistic to some, Cierra says it’s just the next step in what has been a string of miracles so far.

She says they will wait for the construction until the money comes.

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