CAF 5-year ranking: ranking of member associations, coefficients and points system explained

ZamFoot takes an in-depth look at CAF’s 5-year ranking with a focus on member association rankings for club competitions, coefficients and point systems.

The number of teams that each African football association sends to CAF champions and CAF confederations is determined by the coefficients of CAF clubs and the points of the member association. African ‘Top-12’ club associations can send up to two teams to each competition, while the rest of the 44 associations can only send one team per competition.

The coefficients and points of each member association are calculated on how the teams of each association behave in the competition during a 5 year ranking period.

You may be wondering what is the CAF coefficient system? CAF’s coefficient system is a set of numerical scores assigned to each of its member associations and to the clubs participating in its competitions.
These scores as well as the points determine the number of envoys that each member association can send to participate in the interclub competitions of CAF, and how the teams will be classified in the preliminary draws.

For comparison purposes, let’s look at the 2020/21 CAF club competitions, where the 5-year ranking was based on the values ​​from the 2016 to 2019/20 season.

The 2016 CAF interclub competitions were the first to be considered. Being the first year, he carried the coefficient of one.
Then come the CAF interclub competitions 2017, which carried the coefficient of two.

Then, the CAF 2018 interclub competitions with a coefficient of three.
Subsequently, the 2019 CAF interclub competition with a coefficient of four.
Finally, the 2019/2020 was the fifth season, therefore carried a coefficient of five.

In terms of the number of points for the attribution of the CAF Champions League, winners-6 points, finalists-5 points, semi-finalists-4 points, quarter-finalist-3 points, third in the group stage- 2 points, fourth and group stage -1 point.
Regarding the allocation of points for the CAF Confederations Cup, Winners-5 points, Finalists-4 points, Semi-finalists-3 points, Quarter-finalist-2 points, Third in the group stage-1 point, Fourth and group stage – 0.5 point.

In summary, the coefficients are multiplied by the points obtained by the teams of each member association in the two competitions accumulated respectively during the last 5 years of classification. The value of the total sum is then used to rank the member associations.
The ranking of CAF club competitions for next season was based on the performance of teams from CAF member associations during the period from 2017 to the 2020/21 season. The Zambia Football Association (FAZ) finished 9th with 35 points behind the football associations of Nigeria, Guinea, DR Congo, South Africa, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco in ascending order.

Therefore, it is important that Zambia’s quartet of emissaries in next season’s CAF continental competitions – Zesco United, Zanaco FC, Red Arrows and Kabwe Warriors move on to the later stages of their respective competitions.
This will ensure that FAZ will maintain its position in the “Top 12” category of CAF member associations, guaranteed 4 places in CAF interclub competitions.

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