Community groups respond to Covid vaccine hesitancy with trusted voices and accurate information

The opening image of a slideshow in Spanish aimed at providing accurate information to the Latin community about Covid and vaccinations. Find the full slideshow here.

January 2020 marks the third year the world has struggled to overcome the coronavirus pandemic. For many different and valid reasons, people are reluctant to get vaccinated. Still, broad and successful vaccination rates are needed to avoid giving the virus time to mutate and create another variant, as it did with Omicron.

Alaska Public Media has joined 20 community groups — including cultural, information and health organizations — working to ensure vaccine-hesitant Alaskans can find accurate information from community members they trust. . APM will offer a series of programs called “Talk to Your Neighbor” to highlight this community outreach and to provide a channel for Alaskans to ask their own questions and tell their own stories.

Today you will hear about a nonprofit network that provides medical care to the underserved. A member of the network will talk about a new cohort of community health workers going to neighborhoods and social service facilities to help individuals find medical care, including good information about Covid and vaccinations.

We will also hear from a doctor. He sometimes sits with patients who are hesitant to get vaccinated. He understands that this is a difficult conversation and offers perspective on how to proceed, always with great respect. Finally, a social media expert will share information on where misinformation comes from, how it spreads on social media, and how the sometimes disastrous tone of the information can turn off some in the audience. .

“Talk to Your Neighbor” programming will be archived on this web page as it develops. Programs are planned on Hometown Alaska, Line One and Alaska Insight.

Listeners are invited to share their thoughts and concerns on today’s show by dialing 907-550-8433. Additionally, APM has added a recorded phone line to answer your questions, concerns, and stories 24/7. This number is 907-550-8480. Your contribution can influence future programming.

Join us and help us provide the information you need.

HOST: Kathleen McCoy


  • Melinda Freemanexecutive director, Anchorage Project Access, a community partner
  • Husband Saddle, Chief of Staff, Alaska Primary Care Association, launched that agency’s Community Health Worker Cohort
  • Dr Phillip Mendozadoctor, board member of Enlaces, a community partner
  • Pedro Luis Graterolsocial media specialist, Sol de Medianoche, a community partner



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