DVIDS – News – 4th Infantry Division National Association Hosts 104th Annual National Meeting

KANSAS CITY, MS. -The 4th Infantry Division National Association (IVY) is hosting the 104th Annual National Meeting July 25-July 29, 2022, honoring veterans of the 4th Infantry Division and their service.
Bob Babcock, president of the National 4th Inf. Div. Association, is working hard to plan and coordinate this event alongside his team. Babcock, being a Vietnam veteran, has a passion for helping soldiers, veterans and family members. Veterans like Babcock are welcomed from across the country to celebrate their service in the United States military. Their service to the 4th Inf. Div. by attending the annual national meeting hosted by The National 4th Inf. Div. Association.
“We want to have a place of camaraderie to bring together veterans who have a common background,” Babcock said.
Babcock is passionate about connecting service members and allowing their stories to live. Since becoming a member of the National 4th Inf. Div. Association in 1984, Babcock rose through the ranks to become president of the association.
In 2003, Babcock became a portal for family members while soldiers were deployed to Iraq. Due to the lack of communication during the deployment, the families were desperate to send letters, but encountered a problem with the postal service for the soldiers. Babcock helped sort out the problem and would contact the 4th Inf. Div. subordinate units and bring new information to families struggling to find information.
“We work hard to support active duty soldiers and their family members, and do whatever is necessary,” says Babcock.
The National Meeting is intended for all 4th Inf. Div. veterans, and was first created to help WW1 veterans connect after the war. Now, after 104 years, retired 4th Inf. Div. The soldiers deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan are now present.
November 17, 1917 is when the 4th Inf. Div. was created and allowed the division to create World War I history. During National Reunion 2022, veterans had the opportunity to visit the National First World War Museum and Memorial.
Reunion attendees make it a mission to show up every year. Jim Burke, a 4th Inf. Div. veteran, talks about showing up at every meeting since 2001.
When asked how important the reunion is to Burke, he quickly responds with, “It’s a way of life.”
Burke mentions the new soldiers calling him a legend and part of history. The respect given to veterans through active duty and the respect given to active duty through veterans is immeasurable.
“They tell me they respect me as much as I respect them, even though they’re commanding generals,” Burke says, referring to every commanding general he’s met since attending the meetings.
The reunion is just as important for the 4th Inf. Div. as they are for the association. This year, U.S. Army Maj. Gen. David Hodne, commanding general of 4th Inf. Div., made an appearance as a guest speaker at the banquet reception on the final day of the meeting.
“An army at war, an army under pressure, an army stretching, always runs a great risk of losing sight,” says Hodne. “Who you are, what you did and why you did it is important.”
The 4th Infantry Division National Association welcomes veterans from all walks of life and welcomes new veterans of all ages each year. The 4th Infantry Division National Association plans to continue annual meetings and keep veterans’ stories alive by providing them with a group that understands them best: themselves.

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