Emmylou Harris offers surprise concert in Sonoma

Haystack Farm in Sonoma celebrated its first harvest on Saturday with a “Haystack Harvest Hoedown”, featuring the unexpected attraction of Emmylou Harris giving a private concert.

The concert culminated in the early evening which began with a presentation by Taylor Mac, a Stockton native turned international artist with a large band, ambidextrous voice, long gold lamé gloves, dress, shawl, headdress, beautifully paced herbal and hand gestures.

Nearly 150 guests from the world of theater, Leaders from farm to pantry, farm staff and friends sat at picnic tables and on haystacks to enjoy the hour-long concert before dinner, followed by dinner in Paula LeDuc’s garden, then of a Harris concert in Haystack’s new barn.

Known for her realistic storytelling, Harris performed mostly songs she wrote, starting with “sad songs”. About an hour into the start of her set, she changed her mood in response to the enthusiastic audience, working her way into “happier” songs. Song picks included “Orphan Girl,” “I Dug Up a Diamond,” and “In My Dreams,” not to mention a cover of “The Boxer” by Paul Simon. Guests seemed to enjoy everything she said or sang, including admitting that she forgot the words, exclaiming with a laugh, “What’s wrong with me?” “

She was accompanied by “my boys” on a variety of guitars and basses, and eventually by Taylor Mack and her friend “Laurie” who raced on stage and fiddled for the final songs, the finale and the encore, creating a real hoedown country.

Harris won 14 Grammys and entered the Country Music Hall of Fame. She and her friends will perform on Monday, October 4 at the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa, followed by concerts in Utah, Arizona, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Nashville over the next two months.

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