Eurovent welcomes Filtech Swiss as a new member

Brussels, Rancate: Eurovent welcomes Filtech, Swiss manufacturer of ventilation filters. With Filtech becoming the newest corresponding member of Eurovent, the association grows with one of the leading manufacturers in the ventilation industry.

Founded in 1971, Filtech has production sites in Switzerland, France and the Netherlands that manufacture and market high quality air filters that protect people and processes. Their products are used in a wide range of applications and industries such as HVAC, gas turbines, life and process protection, hospitals, cleanrooms and household appliances. Filtech’s range of applications includes high quality FINE, HEPA and ULPA filters that are tested for efficiency and pressure drop in high-tech laboratories.

Luc Taeymans, director of Filtech Swiss, confirms his commitment: “Filtech Swiss is honored to be part of Eurovent as a corresponding member. Our main objective is “Air that must be as pure as possible” to protect people and their machines. By joining Eurovent as a corresponding member, it will be a huge opportunity to be part of a group that produces state-of-the-art guidelines for HVAC professionals dealing with ventilation systems. This will help provide a clear picture of the need for specific filters to improve and maintain good indoor air quality.

Your organization can also become a member of Eurovent, the European industry association for indoor climate (HVAC), process cooling and food cold chain technologies. All relevant information is available at In case of questions, contact the Eurovent team via [email protected]


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