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More than 100 people braved the heat and wind to show up for Sunday’s inaugural Cultural Festival at West End Park.

Organizers Amber Danielson, executive director of the Marshalltown Arts and Culture Alliance, and Wendy Soltero, member of the experience committee, were pleased with the number of people who appeared. They managed to create the event in three weeks.

“The result was tremendous” Danielson said. “Children were everywhere on the pinatas. It was funny. I think we had about 50 kids trying to get all the candy.

She said Zamora Fresh Market was the company that provided three traditional pinatas for the event.

Soltero was very happy to see the young people come together, covering a very diverse population.

” It is special “ she said. “I wanted to have this diversity – all walks of life, all different people come together and have fun, have a good time and experience. We are so lucky to have such diversity in our city that we don’t have to travel.

Danielson said Soltero was the person who ran the Cultural Fiesta. Soltero said Sunday’s event turned out exactly as she envisioned and was able to highlight the diversity of Marshalltown.

They hope to make the event more important in the years to come, with more varied cultural aspects. Danielson said she would like to include the growing Burmese population.

“It was a test set up quickly” she said. “I hope this can grow and see more celebrations of cultures in Marshalltown. This is just one of the many cultures in our community that we want to celebrate. It’s the kickoff and we’ll see where it goes from here.

Soltero said they would like to work with other organizations to make the Cultural Festival even bigger.

An important aspect of the event was the music, provided by Los De La Villa de Tama, and folk dancing by Nuestra Danza de Des Moines.

“Dance and music is culture” said Soltero. “Culture is universal. There is no political affiliation. What better way to bring the community together. This is what I expected. That’s what I wanted.

Lawmaker Sue Cahill (D-Marshalltown) was present as a member of the community. She enjoyed meeting people she hadn’t seen in years, like former students.

“This is my first time going to the West End Park renewal and it’s beautiful,” she said. “Music, people from many regions. It’s cool.”

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