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The event on Saturday 25 of 25 went well; people shopped and enjoyed the sales.

That was the consensus on Saturday at the event, led by Press & Dakotan.

On the day of the event, Yankton residents were asked to spend $ 25 on a local brick and mortar business. That day, local stores had special promotions to encourage sales on that day.

“Today is such a beautiful day. The weather is perfect so it’s very crowded,” Cathy Clatworthy, owner of LilyCrest in Meridian Yankton, told Press & Dakotan. “I think the connection with the Archery Fest brought several new people to town, many from out of town. “

This particular event from the 25th to the 25th straddled the Hyundai Archery World Championships being held at the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center which wraps up this week. The two-week event drew many visitors from around the world to Yankton.

Carla Ewald, owner of Monta’s Framing & Décor, noted that people read about the event in the Press & Dakotan and were at the store early to check on sales.

“Some people even cut the ad off the paper because they thought it was a coupon,” she said. “It was a beautiful, busy day, and I think people like to support downtown when they can.”

Head 2 Heels’ Nicole Jensen also said it was a busy morning at the store and remained stable during the afternoon.

“I think getting people to shop locally is good for the community,” she said. “People who know about 25 on 25 certainly comment on that.”

The idea behind 25th 25th is to stimulate the local economy by encouraging people to spend money in Yankton. Judging by the traffic in local businesses, many people took advantage of the opportunity.

“It’s remained stable today,” said Misty Bahn of Rexall Drug. “Everyone who came in, we talked about it (the 25 on the 25thevent) and told them that the city center was participating. We also told them a lot about the archery event going on in town and told them where to go for that and the other fun things that are going on.

Along with the archery championships, the First National Bank of Omaha sponsored a weekend “Archery Fest” which included many activities including shows, fireworks, games and archery activities. the arch and recreations of the Old West.

“Even $ 25 helps pay the bills,” said Gary Wood, editor of Press & Dakotan. “It allows businesses to support their employees and other businesses in the city. It helps communities to maintain themselves. Our goal is to encourage people to spend their money in Yankton.

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