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AMARAVATI: Expressing anguish over the sharp increase in the volume of smuggled cigarette sales in the state, the All India Federation of Farmers’ Associations (FAIFA) has called on the state government to launch a crackdown against sellers. FAIFA said the illegal sale of unlicensed cigarettes not only causes huge losses to the public treasury, but also affects the revenue of tobacco farmers in the PA.
In a representation sent to Chief Secretary, Dr. Sameer Sharma and DGP Gautham Sawang, FAIFA President, PS Murali Babu said that since contraband cigarettes do not use Indian tobacco, it has already had an impact on the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of tobacco growers nationwide, primarily in AP as the demand for domestic tobaccos and legal cigarettes has declined significantly over the past 2-3 years.
He said smuggled cigarette without Indian health warnings is controlled by smugglers, anti-social and criminal elements of the society and therefore should also be a matter of great concern for the state government.
“Tobacco in PA generates huge economic benefits in terms of farm jobs, farm income, revenue generation and foreign exchange earnings. India is the second largest producer and exporter of tobacco in the world and although tobacco is grown on a measly 0.24% of the country’s arable land, tobacco and tobacco products contribute around Rs 54,000 crore in tax revenue,” said Srinivasa Babu.
In addition, foreign exchange earnings from the export of tobacco and tobacco products help the government raise Rs 6,500 crore annually, he said. He explained that tobacco is a hugely important cash crop in India, providing livelihood for 45.7 million farmers, farm workers, tribes, working women and their families. He said tobacco is also a labor-intensive and remunerative crop that thrives in poorer, marginal soils that are largely unsuitable for growing other crops. It is a hardy and disease resistant crop that grows in semi-arid and rainfed conditions. Even in extremely adverse weather conditions, the crop experiences small fluctuations in yield, FAIFA said. He said an additional advantage of growing tobacco is its flexibility in planting time compared to other crops.
Illegal cigarettes harm health and income
* FAIFA demanded enforcement action against smuggled cigarettes without Indian health warnings
*The production of Flue-Cured Virginia (FCV) tobacco used in cigarettes accounts for approximately 30% of the total tobacco produced in India and the country is the 3rd largest producer of FCV tobacco in the world.
* FCV is the main exportable tobacco produced in India and more than half (60%) is exported, the rest being used in the domestic manufacture of cigarettes.
*Studies conducted by the Central Institute for Tobacco Research (CTRI) have shown that FCV tobacco is more profitable than other crops grown in the region, and difficult to substitute.
* However, the demand for FCV tobacco has declined significantly in recent years due to the sharp decline in volumes of legal cigarettes due to the alarming growth in the contraband cigarette trade due to high taxes and excessive regulations on tobacco products. tobacco.
* FCV Tobacco growers’ revenue has declined by more than Rs. 6,053 crore due to lower tobacco levies for the manufacture of legal domestic cigarettes.
* From a normal harvest size of 316 million kg in 2013-2014, the harvest size has decreased to an average harvest size of approximately 215 million kg per year over the past 5 years.
* The alarming growth of smuggled cigarettes (without Indian health warnings) is also undermining government tobacco control policies besides causing loss of income and massive loss of income for farmers
* Extreme regulations such as 85% pictorial health warnings further encourage contraband cigarettes
*By breaking regulations, illegal cigarettes undermine government tobacco control policies and deliberately create the impression that these products are safer.
*Smuggled cigarettes without Indian health warnings resulting in revenue loss of over Rs 15,000 crore per year and significantly affecting the income of Indian tobacco farmers.
*Dizzying growth of contraband cigarettes in AP
* Farmers are alarmed at its frightening growth in the state in urban and rural markets across the state: FAIFA
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