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Hi there! Today we’re reviewing Gladiator’s first Community Spotlight event! Gladiator is a relatively popular format that is extremely similar to Historic Brawl, but it’s without Commander and a Best of Three (Bo3) format! This adds the variance that Historic Brawl/Commander provides without the extreme reliance on the Commander itself.

Although the format itself is relatively competitive, this event is completely free and you can play as much as you want until the queue expires!

Event details

Welcome to the first MTG Arena Spotlight on the community! In this event, we’re looking at a fan-made format that’s unlike anything on MTG Arena. It’s called Gladiator, and if you’re looking for an experience full of map variety, interesting choices, and back and forth matches, then this is the one for you!

Gladiator was created in mid-2020, and its fans have been playing and developing this format for years with frequent discussions and regular tournaments. There’s a lot to enjoy about it, so let’s learn more!

  • Duration: From August 11, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. PST to August 15, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. PST
  • Format: Gladiator
  • Admission fees: Free
  • Ends after: Play as much as you want
  • Match structure: Matches to the best of three (BO3)


Won Reward
1 win 1 Rare Individual Card Reward (ICR)
2 wins 1 Rare Individual Card Reward (ICR)

Format details

The rules of Gladiator are:

  • Decks must contain at least 100 cards and no sideboards, with a maximum of one copy of each card other than basic lands (similar to the Singleton format), or cards with no deck limit, such as Persistent Petitioners.
  • Matches are best two out of three (but unreserved between matches).
  • All maps available on MTG Arena are legal in their original versions, except for the following banned maps:

An oversized deck with a Singleton Limit means you’ll need a robust game plan that can adapt to many different circumstances, while multi-game matches mean you’ll see a lot more of your own deck and that of your opponent.

For even more Gladiator straight from the people who love it, tune in to the Weekly MTG Tic stream Thursday, August 11 at 2:30 p.m. PT, or visit the Gladiator Discord.

Spotlight presentation folder

To show off what’s possible in Gladiator and to give newcomers to the format a starting point, the Gladiator community has provided decklists for MTG Arena players to try out. Look for them in the client while the event is active!

  • Azorius Control – SupremePhantom (He/Him)
  • Combo Belzenlok – JokerBoney (They/They)
  • Boros control – Aiamethyst (She/She)
  • Esper Reanimator – ElleMNOP (She/She)
  • Gruul Monsters – Wooormy (He/Him)
  • Sacrifice Jund – Benjamin Wheeler (He/Him)
  • Mono-blue sky – Benjamin Wheeler (He/Him)
  • mono-red aggro – DwaginFodder (She/She)
  • Aggro mono-white – Potato (they/them)
  • Mid-range RakdosBurn (They they)

When choosing a deck for the event, or even just in the Decks tab of the client, scroll down your deck collection to find the “Community Spotlight: Gladiator” deck folder:

  • You can submit a deck directly from this folder to the event if you have collected all the cards in the decklist.
  • You can copy the community deck to your deck collection and craft the remaining cards to complete the deck.
  • You can copy the community deck to your collection and modify the deck as you see fit.

gladiator decklists

While there are 10 pre-made decks for you to check out as well, I have 8 other potential options for you to consider! There are also JokerBoney starter decks below that you can check out that require no Wildcard Rare or Mythic Rare pledges and some are built with only free cards you get from MTG Arena Starter Decks!

For more decks, you can check out all the decks in our database as we add more throughout the event, and even take a look at Historic Brawl and Singleton for more inspiration. .

(G) Mono White Aggro

by DoggertQBones

8 mythical

18 rare

29 uncommon

45 common

You might be wondering why I made a Mono White deck when there is going to be a premade one. Well, I already had 7, I wanted to make it an even number, and what’s a DoggertQBones Event Guide without Mono White!? With a fantastic curve and strong interaction, Mono White seems to be an excellent choice in a format that will probably tend to be slower.

(G) Mono Green Stompy

by DoggertQBones

13 mythical

36 rare

12 uncommon

39 common

Giving up some speed compared to something like Mono White or Mono Red, Mono Green trades it in for raw power and threat density to overwhelm the opponent with higher quality threats.

(G) Dimir Control

by DoggertQBones

5 mythical

16 rare

29 uncommon

50 common

Looking to dictate the pace of the game? Dimir Control will allow you to always have an answer to whatever is bothering you while working towards your victory conditions.

(G) Izzet Tempo

by DoggertQBones

5 mythical

30 rare

25 uncommon

39 common

If you like to be fast and interactive, Izzet is the perfect color combination to get the job done between cheap threats, burns, and counterspells.

(G) Rakdos Artifacts

by DoggertQBones

17 mythical

42 rare

12 uncommon

29 common

A mix of a powerful mid-range deck and an artifact strategy, Rakdos is packed with plenty of power and synergy elements to always have something impactful to do.

(G) Selesnya Enchantments

by DoggertQBones

5 mythical

41 rare

21 uncommon

33 municipalities

Based on the popular historical game, Selesnya Enchantments is, as the name suggests, all enchantments and the rewards for playing them!

(G) Grixis Command

by DoggertQBones

18 mythical

46 rare

16 uncommon

20 commons

One of the most beloved archetypes in Magic history, Grixis Control gets the best interaction thanks to its three colors as well as a host of powerful and fun threats!

(G) Sultani Resuscitator

by DoggertQBones

10 mythical

38 rare

33 uncommon

19 common

Functionally using all the self-mill and revive spells we can, Sultai will be extremely effective at cheating into a huge threat well in advance.

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