Hospital launches “Share the Love” event in time for Valentine’s Day

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Dr Harsha Moole believes the changing number of COVID-19 cases and staffing shortages have made the past six months one of the most difficult of the pandemic.

“The two years have been difficult to say the least,” he said on Wednesday.

“We feel like we are still walking in the weeds, but I think with the increase in vaccination rates we should be in a better place, hopefully within the next two or three quarters.”

Stormont Vail launched its “Share the Love” program on Monday to help boost morale.

Community members can share heartfelt notes with frontline workers.

“It’s been a tough two years, but I think we have incredible staff, they’re resilient, they’re very loyal to our patients and to our communities.” Anita Fry, vice president of marketing for Stormont, said.

“We make sure they know how much we appreciate them.”

Dr Moole said the program warms the heart.

“I got a text from my program director saying we had all these cards and it made me smile and it was so heartwarming to look at these cards and feel the recognition the community has given us,” said he declared.

“We thank the children for keeping us in their thoughts and we thank the community for showing their appreciation and appreciation for what we do.”

He said community support keeps staff moving.

“Receiving these gestures, it’s as if there were people paying attention to what we were doing, noticing and making an effort to get in touch with us,” he said. declared.

“It motivates us to say ‘Hey, this is our community, our group, we do everything to help people feel better’.”

He said people can also show their love by doing their part to keep others healthy.

“I think as long as the community is focused on vaccinations and in a group setting, put on the mask, I think that’s where the bottleneck is right now,” he said. .

“It would help take away a lot of the complications and the pain that the community is feeling right now.”

The program runs until the end of the month.

Mail the cards to hospital staff by sending them to Stormont Vail Health, 1500 SW 10th Avenue Topeka, KS 66604.

Messages can also be sent here by posting a message on their Facebook page or by posting a message on the big red heart in the main hall of the hospital.

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