How to start beekeeping in Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22 lets you grow almost anything you want. This includes all kinds of crops, vegetables, grapes, and a wide variety of livestock. In the animal husbandry business, you can now get into beekeeping, use them to improve your yields and sell their honey for a profit. This guide explains how to start beekeeping, so you can see how easy it is to have bees on your farm.

Step 1: Place a location for the beehive and the honey palette

Screenshot by Gamepur

Open the menu and navigate to the bottom option with the three line icon. Open the build option and then navigate to the animals section. You should be able to see the Bees subsection now. Pick a beehive and place it somewhere on your farm. It should be noted that the closer a beehive is to a field, the more it benefits the crop, although this only applies to specific crops. You will need to read the description of each beehive to determine how they benefit your crops and what type of crops.

Then place a honey pallet slot. This is extremely important because it is the only way to harvest honey from your bees.

Step 2: wait a day

Screenshot by Gamepur

After just one day, your beehives will produce a palette of honey. Now you can let the pallets pile up, or you can get a forklift, put it in the back of your truck, and haul it to the company that will pay you the most. You will get about a pallet of honey per day, but you can get more if you have more beehives.

You will never need to buy new bees to fill your hives. Beekeeping in Farming Simulator 22 is another source of income that you can add to your farm, although the process of selling honey is quite complex. You can also use the honey in the production lines to create cakes, which will sell for a lot more.

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