Midwest Acquirers Association honors Green Sheet’s Gillespie at MWAA 2022

2022 MWAA Industry Excellence Award Winner

The Green Leaf: Empowering and Connecting Payments Professionals

The Green Leaf: Empowering and Connecting Payments Professionals

Industry Achievement Award to be presented at MWAA’s 20th Annual Conference

This year, we are delighted to award the 2022 Industry Achievement Award to Kate Gillespie of The Green Sheet.

— Rod Katzfey, MWAA President and Board Member

PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 27, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Chicago – July 27, 2022 — Today the Midwest Acquirers Association (MWAA) will honor Kathleen [Kate] Gillespie, CEO of The Green Sheet Inc., for his achievements and contributions to the payments industry. The special awards ceremony, to be held in the Grand Ballroom of the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile Hotel, will be part of the opening ceremony of the MWAA’s 20th Annual Conference, event organizers said. .

“This year, we are thrilled to award the 2022 Industry Achievement Award to Kate Gillespie of The Green Sheet,” said Rod Katzfey, MWAA President and Board Member. “We wanted to thank her for her continued support of the electronic payments industry and for helping to bring the story to all the different companies in the space. I’m thrilled to share his story and add his name to the list of amazing people in the industry.

“Kate is an accomplished leader,” said Laura McHale Holland, editor of The Green Sheet. “Sharp and clear-headed, she trusts our team to uphold the company’s tradition of service, and her advice is never more or less exactly what we need.”

Kate Gillespie joined the payments industry in 1999 when she signed on to work with Paul Green, who launched the first-ever ISO for card services 20 years earlier. Green also founded The Green Sheet as a resource for merchant-level sellers and others carving out a career in payments. It wasn’t long before Gillespie’s passion for journalism drew him to Green’s growing magazine, where his focus on excellence helped the publication win numerous awards, and his duties included research and writing the first in-depth report on biometric payments for acquirers.

Her curiosity and resilience also meant that “I can’t” was not part of her vocabulary, and her varied professional background, which included working as a statistician for the Department of Defense, corporate human resources manager, co-owner and general manager of an optometrist. practical, and researcher for a business incubator also gave her the necessary skills to progress. As Green’s right-wing colleague, she held senior positions in the company’s editorial, broadcast and production departments. And in 2005, she became chief operating officer and general manager of the company.

When Green retired in 2014, he sold the business to Gillespie, who he said was uniquely qualified to maintain and advance the tradition of The Green Sheet. As President and CEO, she reinforced the company’s core mission of supporting the industry’s feet on the street while adapting to ongoing industry changes, innovating and expanding. reach as needed to connect and empower payments professionals not only today but also tomorrow.

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