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POLAND – The Celebrate Poland committee heard people’s concerns and took action to move the popular event – for the third time.

The event is traditionally scheduled for the last weekend of June, but for 2021 has been moved to September 11. Now the event is scheduled for September 25.

Event President Cindy Best said it was all about fundraising.

For the one-day event – this is normally two days – the cost is almost $ 33,000. Since the pandemic, the Committee of 10 has gone two years without fundraising, and raising the necessary amount in a short period of time was not an option.

“We haven’t been able to organize a fundraiser for two years now and our funds are very low,” Best said. “At the end of 2019, we signed a contract and paid half the fee to get the band back in 2020. We all know what happened in 2020.”

She continued, “Once the governor lifted the restrictions this year, the event was too close to raise the kind of money we need. Not wanting to lose the money we have already paid, we called the booking agent and asked them what dates were available… September 11th and 18th.

“We chose the 18th, but when I called the school, I was informed that it was the return from Poland, so September 11 was booked. We knew the meaning of the date. We planned the event by starting with a prayer service and allowing the fire chief as much time as he wanted for the event.

But when the community learned of the new date, many were not happy. The number of people disapproving of the September 11 date was increasing.

“As a group we decided to move the date,” Best said. “We understand that we will never make everyone happy, but it was important that the community knew we heard them.”


Best said it will be considered the 14th annual event. She said 2020, which would have been No.14, just won’t count.

The September 25 celebration will feature all of the Celebrate Poland favorites such as the Poland Idol contest, the sidewalk chalk contest, the firefighters parade and fireworks and “a few more surprises” if all goes well, she declared.

Regarding fireworks, Best said he heard that events outside of July 4 tend to be less expensive. Still, more items will arrive in the bank account this year.

“Even if it’s just one day, it doesn’t cut costs much,” Best said. “For example, we won’t have the cost of emptying the Porta-Johns, but now we have a new cost of the sanitation stations. Almost everything else remains the same and of course some costs have gone up. ”

She said donations are the big deal right now. The big source of money during the event are the food vendors. Going from a two-day event to a one-day event means charging less than usual.


Donations are always a key and with the governor’s green light to have events again, that left little time to prepare. Yet the committee is stepping up its efforts and planning for the best.

“We’re not even close to covering our expenses at the moment. We have money promised, but even with that, we’re not even halfway there, ”Best said. “So we are sure of our new date and we will move forward in force with our fundraising. We will be accepting sponsors for the events and in addition to our normal available sponsors we will add different levels which will go towards the fireworks. We send donation letters and you will be able to place announcements in our program very soon. We are asking for help from the community.

She said that even though there were no new funds in 2020, the committee still had expenses: liability insurance, storage areas the committee rents and fees for the fireworks that have already been paid. orders.


Poland village council chairman Mike Thompson said he supports the effort and knows how important the event is to the community.

“It doesn’t feel like a real summer without Celebrating Poland,” said Thompson. “The village is delighted that this year’s event continues and we will be making a significant financial contribution. We call on anyone who can to donate – the committee will be hosting a big event and they need our support. ”

As the new Celebrate Poland date gives people something to do in the fall, Polish Historical Society president Laurie Fox said her group is planning a summer celebration.

“The event the Historical Society and Canton of Poland are planning is on Saturday July 24 at Poland Township Park, 7400 Moore Road,” she said. “This is a one-day event to be celebrated when surveyors claimed Poland as the 1st Rank 1 city of the Western Connecticut Reservation on July 23, 1796.”

The event will run from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is a free family event.

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