Open Farm dog food is the key to your pet’s health

If you’re a pet mum or dad, you’re probably used to putting your furry friend’s needs before your own. Naturally, giving your furry baby the best chance at a long, healthy life is a top priority, but have you really stopped to investigate the makeup of your puppy’s food?

Feeding your dog the best food possible is definitely an important part of a healthy, successful lifestyle. While there are plenty of brands on the market that promise high quality ingredients, there aren’t a ton of options that can seamlessly back up their claims. It’s there that Open farm Between.

Open farm is a brand of pet food that ensures that 100% of its animal protein meets the strict farm animal welfare standards set by Certified cruelty-free, Global Partnership for Animals and Ocean Wise Seafood. This means that the animals are given a healthy and nutritious diet, space to roam freely, prohibiting the use of antibiotics or growth hormones as a preventive measure and on-site audits on the farm, thus ensuring that every recipe contains the highest quality meat proteins.

Open farm has strict farm animal welfare standards set by Certified cruelty-free, Global Partnership for Animals and Ocean Wise Seafood.

Each ingredient is specifically selected and then prepared using fine cooking tactics to ensure your furry baby receives the highest nutritional value and taste. If you’re really curious about where each ingredient in your dog’s food comes from, you can even check your specific batch by enter the unique code on the back of each batch to trace the origin of each ingredient.

Not only Open farm offer high quality ingredients from sustainable sources, but the brand is also very environmentally conscious. Thanks to the brand’s partnership with Terracycle, you can easily recycle your food bags into new recycled products. All you have to do is pack your empty bags, print a free shipping label, and easily recycle them.

Open Farm is also embarking on a 10-year journey to reduce your carbon footprint by committing to offset its direct operations and manufacturing while working towards ambitious scientific goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The best part? Open farm is affordable, too! The brand’s prices start as low as $ 10 and they have tons of amazing options for all types of pets, whether your puppy is a picky eater, has allergies and more. Open Farm offers over 50 recipes ranging from dry kibble to raw and freshly prepared meals and supplements at affordable prices.

Lucky for us, Open Farm is offering an exclusive discount for New York Post readers only: 20% off your first subscription order with the code. FIRSTSUB20. You can choose from three different bag sizes, 4 pounds, 11 pounds, and 22 pounds. Moreover, if you are not yet fully convinced and do not want to commit to a subscription, pet parents can also make one-off purchases.

Open Farm Grass-Fed Beef Dry Dog Food

Swap your current kibble for Open Farm’s dry dog ​​food, which is high in protein and high in cruelty-free raised meat, functional ingredients like locally sourced non-GMO pumpkin and apple, and superfoods like walnut oil coconut. It is also made without antibiotics, corn, wheat or soy.

Open Farm Surf & Turf Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food

Open Farm’s shelf-stable freeze-dried raw recipe means less mess and more convenience. It is made from 85% raw animal ingredients mixed with organic fruits and vegetables.

Gently Cooked Chicken Recipe at the Open Farm

Open Farm Home Style Meal is great for pets with fussy taste buds because it’s made with real ingredients you may see like ethically sourced meat, kale, and butternut squash.

Open Farm Dry Puppy Food

If you’ve just brought home a puppy (or planning to do so!), Consider the Open Farm Puppy Recipe. It is made high in protein for your high energy puppy and formulated with pork, chicken and fresh wild Pacific salmon to expose your pet to multiple sources of protein (which prevents allergies or sensitivities). It is also a great source of DHA to aid in healthy brain development.

While Open farm Pet food is definitely an investment, and so is the health of your furry baby! The brand really sets the bar higher when it comes to quality, sustainable and clean ingredients and your pet deserves the best.

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