Organizer Expects Crowds for Community Night Out August 3 | Local News

Phoebe Wachtel is expecting hundreds of people for dinner on Tuesday August 3.

Its screening is based on experience – each August, up to 700 people spend a few hours at Geiser-Pollman Park for a community night.

“It will be pretty much like we’ve always done,” said Wachtel, who is the administrative assistant for the Baker City Police Department and helps organize the community night.

A free dinner – grilled pork loin sandwich, raisins, chips and soda or water – will be served from 5 p.m. Meal is provided by Oregon Trail Restaurant, Elkhorn Grills and the Baker City Lions Club.

Vendors will be installed throughout the park. The space is still available – it’s free for nonprofits, or $ 20 for those who sell products or share political information. To find out if you are a supplier, send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]

“We hope to interact with the public and let them know what services are available,” she said.

Each vendor is invited to donate an item or basket to the raffle.

“I encourage them to make a donation that reflects their mission or what they do in the community,” said Wachtel.

Each person who passes through the queue receives a free raffle ticket. Additional tickets can be purchased – one for $ 1, seven for $ 5, 15 for $ 10, or 35 for $ 20.

“That’s what funds (Community Night Out) for next year,” Wachtel said of the ticket sales.

The raffle winners will be announced after 6:30 p.m. when most people have had a chance to get food and a ticket.

Evening updates and a list of vendors are available on the Baker City Police Department Facebook page.

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