‘Our farm’ welcoming guests in rural Turner County

TURNER COUNTY, SD (KELO) — There’s an appeal to spending time and working outdoors; it’s a point particularly pushed home by the feel, colors and mood of the fall season. These scenes are pretty much heavenly for Lane Mellegaard.

“It’s so peaceful here,” Mellegaard said. “It’s like the best place you can possibly go.”

He lives in Sioux Falls but owns Our Farm in rural Turner County near Parker. Before, he worked in town in sales and in cars. But his usual landscape has changed recently.

“Just like three months ago, going out and fixing our farm and planting pumpkins and making sure to cut a corn maze and basically tend to animals now,” Mellegaard said.

Now his office space is different.

“Where it’s quiet you can actually hear birds and see any type of animal,” Mellegaard said. “Cats follow you everywhere, and my colleagues are pigs and goats.”

Megan Graber from Bridgewater visited our farm on Friday with her two children and her husband.

“We wanted to bring the boys for fall fun and get some pumpkins to carve and decorate, and we saw a post on Facebook about Our Farm, so we decided to check it out,” Graber said. .

Mellegaard had grown pumpkins here before and sold them in Sioux Falls. But now the farm is much more than growing pumpkins.

“For years we always said, ‘Let’s go to our farm,’ it’s a place where my kids can have fun and get away from Sioux Falls,” Mellegaard said. “So we decided this year to broadcast it to the whole community, and now there are slides, a corn maze and pumpkins.”

A mountain of hay is next to which you can find ducks, pigs and goats. There are also zip lines.

“We have water bottle launchers, we have an inflatable obstacle course, and then I also have a pedal track with a whole bunch of pedal cars in the back,” Mellegaard said.

The activities motivated Graber to come here instead of picking up a pumpkin at, say, a grocery store.

“For activities primarily aimed at children rather than just going to a store and pulling them out of a box,” Graber said. “It was kind of a fun family day to hang out and do stuff.”

Mellegaard says 10,000 pumpkin seeds were planted at Our Farm earlier this year.

“So around May 15, they were ready for picking anywhere from September to October,” Mellegaard said.

This setting is now a draw for different groups.

“I got everything from field trips to youth groups to a whole bunch of lessons from everywhere,” Mellegaard said.

He decided to ride Our Farm, he says, to get out of town and find relaxation.

“Being my own boss and spending a little more time with my kids is the main reason,” Mellegaard said.

He has deep roots here.

“That’s where I grew up,” Mellegaard said. “My mom still lives there so she’s retired, but she also loves all the kids that go out.”

  • Animals at our farm near Parker
  • Pumpkins picked at our farm
  • Pumpkins growing at our farm in Turner County

For him, his children are in the foreground.

“It’s basically my kids’ idea…I always say it’s my kids’ business, for them to learn how to take care of something, how to grow pumpkins, how to plant pumpkins, raising them, selling them,” Mellegaard said.

So Dad takes on a variety of roles here.

“It’s my kids’ business,” Mellegaard said. “I’m just their secretary and their mechanic and their construction worker.”

Our farm is open for the public on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, but field trips can take place any day.

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