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PACIFIC GROVE – Pacific Grove City Council will address the issue of a possible increase and health benefits at its next meeting this week after the item was removed from a previous agenda until more data can be collected.

The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday from 6 p.m. and can be accessed via Zoom at

The item under consideration would increase the salary of each council member from $ 420 to $ 840 per month while increasing the mayor’s salary from $ 700 to $ 1,400 per month. He also proposed offering the mayor and council health benefits ranging from $ 950 to $ 1,700 per month depending on alignment with a city benefits group, as well as the number of dependents, and in addition to the medical and medical expenses required for public employees. Benefits of the Hospital Care Act for Board Members.

“This is another small step in removing some of the many barriers that prevent women, people of color, single income households, renters and those on fixed incomes from running for office in Pacific Grove,” said Councilor Jenny McAdams, who submitted the item for discussion. “I hope our community shares this same value by creating access to participation in local government.”

According to city documents, the council has not had a salary increase for 22 years. These salaries are set by state law, determined by the city’s population, and may be increased by 5% from the date of the last increase.

“The current council salary is 5% of the median salary at Pacific Grove. Even if the board approved a 100% salary increase, we would still be within 10% of the median salary of $ 88,250, ”McAdams said. “If I understand correctly that people who sit on city councils are not supposed to provide for their household with the salary provided, it is not unreasonable to have a salary that will cover the costs of childcare, fairly compensates for the time and the necessary expertise, or provides equitable access to health benefits like all city employees.

Since the mayor and council members are classified as full-time city employees, the practice of providing employees with 95% of total median compensation could be extended to their benefit.

Bryce Consulting conducted a survey of comparison agency towns in the area and found that in Carmel a board member receives a monthly salary of $ 150 and $ 3,039 in health benefits, in Hollister it is $ 400 and $ 2,493 in Monterey is $ 430 and $ 2,395, in Salinas it is $ 600 and $ 2,605, in Santa Cruz, $ 1,710 and $ 2,928, and in the town of Seaside, a board member receives $ 400 in monthly salary and $ 935 in health benefits.

McAdams took the item off the agenda for the September 15 meeting in order to get information from the comparison agency cities regarding the retirement.

For health benefits, the government code provides that any amount paid by the city for medical benefits of council members is not classified as salary, as long as the same benefits are available and paid by the city for its employees.

The city council may consider two options regarding the health benefits of council members, as discussed below. These options are based on the health care contributions currently provided for city employees who are not responsible for security, as required by the Government Code section § 36516 (d).

The city could contribute up to $ 1,600 per month per council member in addition to the Public Employees Medical and Hospital Care Act required for all council members. This benefit is available to all members of the General Employees Association, Police Association and all employees who hold positions aligned with the General Employees Association and Police Association.

Or the city could contribute up to $ 1,700 per month per council member in addition to the Public Employees Medical and Hospital Care Act required for all council members. This benefit is available to all executive employee associations, department heads and all employees in positions aligned with executive employee associations.

If the premiums for coverage exceed the amount provided by the city, the individual council member is responsible for paying the balance. He can order the City to deduct the balance from his salary.

It is not clear that the seven council members would participate in the health care benefits provided by the city.

The 100% salary increase per council member has an annual impact of $ 5,040 per council member. The 100% salary increase for the mayor has an annual impact of $ 8,400.

A city council member receiving a health care benefit can range from $ 950 to $ 1,700 per month depending on alignment with a city benefit group, as well as the number of dependents. The annual contribution to city profits, including the Public Employees Medical and Hospital Care Act, could range from $ 13,116 to $ 22,116 for each participating council member.

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