Researchers at the new University of Peterborough are working to reduce harmful agricultural emissions

Researchers at ARU Peterborough are to start testing a new ‘smart meter’ for farmers that could help reduce harmful emissions from agriculture by monitoring greenhouse gases in real time.

They are using a new state-of-the-art sensor to monitor nitrous oxide emissions from organic manure on a farm near Bury St Edmunds.

The project has been funded by Innovate UK, the country’s national innovation agency, and also involves Newcastle University and Mirico, who developed the sensor which uses laser scattering spectroscopy to measure methane and dioxide. of carbon over an area of ​​up to 1 km2.

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Closing ceremony at the new ARU Peterborough in Bishop’s Road. REM-220214-145040009

According to the government, agriculture is responsible for 10% of UK greenhouse gas emissions, including 68% of all nitrous oxide and 47% of all methane.

Dr Marcus Travers, Head of Agribusiness Technology at ARU Peterborough, which is opening its first students in September and is developing a range of courses in environmental management and agricultural technology, said: “This work will be an important addition to our surveys here. at ARU Peterborough on the use of nitrogen in arable crops.

“We hope the sensor will help answer many important questions about the use of organic fertilizers, inorganic fertilizers and greenhouse gas emissions.

“Technology like this could become a common sight on farms across the country very soon.”

Lee Billingham, Chief Commercial Officer at Mirico, said, “We look forward to deploying the sensors and delivering the results that will help our partners, customers and the industry make progress towards reducing their emissions.

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