Sweet corn festival held in East Prairie

EAST PRAIRIE, Missouri (KFVS) – The East Prairie Sweet Corn Festival takes place this year. After last year’s event was closed by the pandemic, everyone here is excited to come back with food, entertainment and family events.

“It’s huge just to be back. It’s great just to socialize again, ”said David Robinson, owner of the D-Baby barbecue.

He said the annual Sweet Corn Festival is more than just a bike race, it’s about the community. “This is probably the biggest community event ever hosted by East Prairie. It brings everyone home. This is the only time we see a lot of people coming back to the community.

He said he was proud to have grown up here and to be part of a tight-knit community: “You know, it’s the proud hometown here. This is where you get the best soul food, the best kettle corn. That’s where it happens.

Logan Jung’s family brought their brand new kettle corn business to this year’s festival. “I expect a pretty good result. I was hoping a lot of people would be here tonight. He said he’s excited about the various events you can enjoy ahead of Saturday’s bike race. “Tonight, I think a photo race is underway. The main festival is taking place tonight.

This year, festival-goers can enjoy a show of local talent, lip-syncing contests, gospel music and more.

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