Tejinder was organizing no secret: Punjab Badminton Association : The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Deepankar Sharda

Chandigarh, July 6

The Punjab Badminton Association (PBA), which hosted the All-India Sub-Junior (U-13) Ranking Badminton Tournament in which parents raised the issue of age-related fraud, clarified that Tejinder Bedi was not the organizing secretary of the championship.

What the clarification says

  • Tejinder Bedi did not serve as the tournament organizing secretary
  • He was a member of the organizing team under organizing secretary Chitranjan Bansal and co-organizing secretary Vishal Rallan.
  • The PBA awarded the tournament to the North Zone Badminton Academy in Mohali with which Bedi is associated.

The clarification came a day after Bedi blamed the Badminton Association of India (BAI) for the age fraud controversy in the championship. “It should be noted that Tejinder Bedi did not officiate as the organizing secretary of the tournament which has just ended in Mohali. He was only a member of the organizing team under the direction of the organizing secretary. Organization Chitranjan Bansal (C&D Secretary, PBA) and Co-Organizing Secretary Vishal Rallan (Co-Secretary, PBA).

“The PBA has awarded the tournament to the North Zone Badminton Academy in Mohali which Bedi is associated with. He was responsible for looking after the board and lodging of the officials as well as arrangements at the venue. The tournament was awarded on May 27 and Bedi is not even a member of the PBA or any Punjab district association.

“The issue of overage players between the association and parents has been amicably resolved by Sanjay Mishra, Honorary General Secretary, BAI. Whatever Bedi has said is his personal view. The PBA disassociates totally from every statement he makes,” said Anupam Kumaria, PBA General Secretary.

On May 3, Bedi had received a letter from the PBA regarding his appointment as organizational secretary. Later on May 7, the same association replaced him. Bedi, however, continued to claim to be the tournament’s organizing secretary. Earlier, Mishra condemned organizers for appeasing protesting parents by forcing games to be suspended for an entire day. The development becomes significant as the PBA was recently reconstituted and gained its affiliation after the intervention of the High Court of Punjab and Haryana.

“He (Bedi) is not even part of a district association. He was only involved because of the location. We could have held the championship in Jalandhar, but due to the facilities here (Mohali), including the airport, we chose this venue. The newly constituted body is led by professional players and we were unaware of such a policy,” Kumaria said.

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