The Grand Carnivale will offer colorful international entertainment

DOSWELL, Virginia – King’s Dominion’s larger-than-life cultural event is back with international sounds, sights and tastes.

Maggie Sellers discusses via Zoom from the King’s Dominion Costume Room, costumes that visitors will have the chance to see on the performers this weekend.

“So right behind me I have hundreds of costumes for our Grand Carnival, most of them will be on display during our spectacular Color Parade, but there are also passing characters, our king and our queen, that will kick off the celebration each night, ”Sellers mentioned.

The celebration will be filled with glitter, feathers, glitter and will be very colorful. The cultural event also offers international cuisine from six different countries.

“Like India, Italy, France, China, Spain, and Germany, things like General Tsao’s Egg Roll, Dulce de leche Churros, even a spaghetti cone from Italy and the best way to enjoy it will be with the tasting card that you can buy online or at the park, ”Sellers said.

There are cocktails, mocktails, crafts and challenges, and a color parade show every night of the event.

The Grand Carnival takes place from July 17 to August 1 from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. For reservations and details, visit the Domaine du Roi website.

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