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Haryana police have arrested two other Nihangs in connection with the murder of the man from Tarn Taran at the farmers’ protest site at Delhi’s Singhu border. According to a video shared by the ANI news agency, Nihangs can be seen touching the feet of new detainees with them in a garland.

Earlier today, Nihang Baba Narain Singh – the second accused in the case, was apprehended after reporting to Amritsar Rural Police in the village of Markot.

Another defendant in the case, identified as Sarvajeet Singh, who was arrested by Kundli police in Sonipat on Friday evening, has been taken into custody for seven days by the court.

The deceased man, identified as Lakhbir Singh, 35, was found hanged from a police barricade with his left arm cut off on Friday morning. He was found with at least 10 injuries, with police adding that Lakhbir worked as a laborer with no criminal history or association with a political party.

Previously, it was reported that only his family would attend Lakhbir’s cremation and that no last sacrament would be celebrated on this occasion, according to the resolution.

Lakhbir was reportedly lynched for desecrating a Sikh holy book. The Nihangs – a Sikh order known for their blue robes and swords, were blamed for the murder of the worker. Police filed a first information report (FIR) in the case on Friday.

A viral video on social media sites showed a man wearing the blue robe, claiming responsibility for the murder, alleging to reporters that he had “punished” Lakhbir for desecrating Guru Granth Sahib – the holy book of the Sikhs.

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