Using technology meant for space, Martian vertical-platform farms discover the key to growing plants 10 times faster: age-old opera music

scientific director of the company, Matthew Mickensstates that the data can be adapted for home gardeners

TORONTO, April 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Could it be that simple? Martian Farms, a vertical farming platform with a new location at Orange, New Jerseyuses opera music to grow her crops 10 times faster than traditional growing methods.

The scientific director of the company, Matthew Mickens, who previously worked at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center developing food crops aboard the International Space Station and beyond, said leafy greens currently growing under the conditions directed by Martian Farms’ proprietary LED technology are ahead of their maturation cycle by more than three weeks. He assigns his own personal playlist which includes opera music performed by Maggie Finnegan.

The typical growth cycle for bibb lettuce is 26 days; Martian Farms plants currently mature in less than 3 days. Although it hasn’t been tested in residential settings, Mickens says he thinks the science will hold up for the average home plant.

“For centuries, people have been working on ways to speed up plant growth, whether by placing them in controlled environments, adjusting fertilizer mixes or even playing with different light recipes. “It’s so simple and so logical: if I told you that we discovered something that beats them all…and that’s the music? It’s the high pitch of the arias,” Mickens said.

Last month, Martian Farms announced its first US-based project to bring a high-tech, efficient and ethical approach to farming. Its technology is based on 26 years of academic research and a combination of disciplines working at the forefront of their respective fields, including former NASA scientists and experts in agriculture and manufacturing.

Located approximately 20 miles outside of New York CityPresident and CEO of Martian Farms Amin Jadavji said the site selection was intended to show the value of the technology to metropolitan areas. Using its proprietary LED lighting technology, photobiology, and automation, Martian Farms can optimize the production of its leafy green plants while manipulating diverse environments to adapt to changing climate, soil, and humidity. water.

The company’s goal is to cultivate a community to support an otherworldly solution to bring scalable, affordable and sustainable nutrition. Join us – and be part of the joke. Happy April Fools!

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