What to look for when buying a used sprayer

In the slew of auctions that ended last year, big machines stole the show at auction fetching like-new prices. We all expected the “good stuff” of the late, low-hour model to sell well due to machine shortages and the inevitable scramble to make year-end fiscal purchases. Yet, as the old saying goes, “a rising tide lifts all boats,” demand was so strong that even the oldest machines were fetching record prices.

For example, a John Deere 8310 sold at a retirement auction in Minnesota hosted by the Steffes Group. Of course, the tractor was blank. Still, it was 20 years old and logging 7,462 hours. The tractor’s final offering has even made the heads of machinery veterans like Scott Steffes shake. It was $124,000!

“It goes without saying that 2021 will be marked as one of the biggest years of ‘change’,” Group chief Steffes later observed. “Farm equipment, construction equipment, transportation and real estate were all marking new highs everywhere we looked.”

Granted, tractor values ​​stole the price spotlight.

However, other big-ticket items such as self-propelled sprayers are also setting auction records.

For example, a 2017 New Holland SP345F with just under 1,300 hours sold at an auction in December in Illinois. Coming to market loaded (120-foot boom, 1,600-gallon stainless steel tank, and four-wheel steering), the applicator made a final bid of $199,000. That same week, a 2014 Deere R4038 (1,580 hours, 120 foot boom and 1,000 gallon tank) brought in $220,000.

As with tractors, applicators that are a bit long in the tooth also command high prices. Finding bargains even with 8 or 10 year old applicators is a rarity these days.

Price search

That’s why you should arm yourself with as much pricing information as possible before you go to an auction or a dealer’s lot. Below are the hour and price ranges for John Deere models by age group.

Model years 2019 to 2021

R4030 • Time range: 222 to 1779 hours. • Price range: $239,900 to $379,500

R4038 • Time range: 182 to 2245 h. • Price range: $219,900 to $450,738

R4044 • Time range: 266 to 1274 h. • Price range: $274,900 to $497,992

R4045 • Time range: 223 to 2187 h. • Price range: $225,500 to $524,825

R4060 • Time range: 338 to 1510 h. • Price range: $430,100 to $553,500

Model years 2015 to 2018

R4030 • Time range: 483 to 2,905 h. • Price range: $115,000 to $305,100

R4038 • Time range: 945 to 4,165 h. • Price range: $145,250 to $407,010

R4045 • Time range: 1,955 to 6,265 h. • Price range: $94,900 to $264,302

Model years 2011 to 2014

R4940 • Time range: 891 to 6420 hours. • Price range: $69,900 to $169,900

R4630 • Time range: 1030 to 4823 hours. • Price range: $66,100 to $159,000

4030 • Time range: 935 to 4210 hours. • Price range: $110,000 to $261,000

4038 • Time range: 889 to 4505 hours. • Price range: $128,900 to $263,740

R4830 • Time range: 1976 to 4133 hours. • Price range: $74,500 to $206,000

R4720 • Time range: 1,525 to 4,316 h. • Price range: $85,000 to $179,500

Ticket auctions

February 14, 15 and 16: The Western Kansas Equipment Consignment Auction will be hosted by Scott Auction (scottauction.com) in Garden City, Kansas.

February 26: Dagg Auction (dagsauction.hibid.com) has set its annual agricultural consignment auction for the spring in Xenia, Illinois.

February 26: Lehde Auction (lehdeauctionservice.com) holds its annual spring auction in Addieville, Illinois.


Supply shortages are catching up with sprayers

When planning your spring, chemicals may not be your only undersupplied input.

If the end of the 2021 auction season is any indication, low life self-propelled sprayers will be harder to find this year.

Sales of these applicators have seen strong seasonality with 50% on our Tractor Zoom auction site moving between Thanksgiving and the end of March. Yet last December’s volume was only about half of what it was in December 2020.

These self-propelled sprayers started 2021 strong with enough volume to meet demand. We were seeing spring values ​​12% higher than 2020. That’s high, but acceptable.

As cracks in equipment supply chains began to widen over the summer, sprayer supplies were mostly overlooked. They worked very well on the pitch and didn’t trade often enough to notice any appreciable change. Even before the harvest, the number of sprayers at auction was not significantly lower.

It wasn’t until December that it was apparent that there were plenty of bucks out there looking for a scarce supply. This pushed average values ​​up $60,000 over the previous year! It is difficult to analyze the part of this price increase due to the shortage of equipment and the part due to tax purchases.

If you’re looking for a sprayer, don’t despair. We observed some trends in tractorzoom.com to help you find the second-hand sprayer with the time slot you are looking for. First, while the supply of sprayers was tight at the end of 2021, it was not as sorry as the new tractors and combines. (It’s a small consolation if you’re also looking for one!)

Values ​​are on the rise, but research prices before you buy to avoid getting caught up in “this is your last chance” hysteria. To better understand the prices, go to tractorzoom.com to view dozens of dealer listings, side by side, from across the country. You’ll also see what’s available at upcoming auctions.

Auctions are the perfect place to find deals. Auction values, on average, are 40% below dealer listings for sprayers between 3,000 and 4,000 hours. The challenge is to find them.

If you are in desperate need of a sprayer, you should be able to find what you are looking for under “Dealer Lists”.

Among the used sprayers available for sale on tractorzoom.com in December, well over 90% were at dealerships. Most were in good condition with less than 2,000 hours.

Whether you’re looking for something new or a bargain, the game has changed. The search for the future equipment of your farm is now a necessity. Operations cannot afford to be broken down in the field without an alternative. It only takes a minute to access tractorzoom. com, save a search and secure yourself a better bargaining position when you find the perfect sprayer.

By Andy Campbell, ironcomps.com

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