Where is the Hawkeye family farm

During the events of the Disney + Hawkeye series, Clint Barton’s family members are safe on their farm, presumably located in Missouri.

Warning! SPOILERS for Hawkeye

At Marvel Hawk Eye show, Clint Barton promises to return to his family’s farm by Christmas – but where are they? Created by Jonathan Igla and aired on Disney +, the series is loosely based on the popular 2012 comic book by Matt Fraction. Jeremy Renner returns as Clint and Hailee Steinfeld makes her MCU debut as Kate Bishop, a young archer who was inspired by Clint from a young age.

As the action and plot of Hawk Eye focuses on Clint and Kate in New York, Clint continually checks in with his family at home. While he was originally in New York City with his three children, Cooper (Ben Sakamoto), Lila (Ava Russo) and Nathaniel (Cade Woodward), he sends them home soon after wrapping himself in the homecoming. Ronin’s apparent in the MCU. His understanding wife Laura (Linda Cardellini) holds the fort with their children, as Clint makes an explicit promise to Lila and Cooper that he will be home by Christmas.


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During the events of Hawk Eye, the Barton family are on their family farm, probably located in Missouri. Avengers: Age of Ultron revealed that Clint had an arrangement with Nick Fury and SHIELD to keep his family and their location a secret from everyone except Natasha. Coerced and trying to escape Ultron somewhere outside the network, Clint brings the rest of the Avengers to his family’s farm in Missouri as a refuge, revealing his family’s existence and the location of their home.

Laura Barton from Hawkeye at home

However, by the events of Captain America: Civil War About a year later, the Bartons had moved to a new farm in an unspecified location, where Clint was then placed under house arrest due to his involvement in the violation of the Sokovia Accords. It is very possible that the location of their new home is still in Missouri, as the isolated, rural setting visually resembles that of their original farm. Additionally, during Marvel’s Hawk Eye series, there is a distinct time zone difference between Clint in New York and his family’s home, which would correspond to his placement in Missouri.

Other possible candidates for the Barton Farm location would be Georgia, where the outdoor scenes are filmed, and Iowa, where Barton Farm is located in the comics. MCU movies shoot a lot of scenes in Georgia that don’t take place there, which makes that possibility less likely – and there’s no time difference between Georgia and New York either. Iowa might be fine, but so much has already changed from the comedic version of the Bartons’ Farm (Clint grew up there in the comics) and there is no explicit evidence to make Iowa a better. candidate than Missouri.

As it turns out, the Bartons probably still live in Missouri, although it could be a similar rural area of ​​the Midwest. Because her family has always been Clint’s main motivation, knowing that her family is safe and happy is key to her survival. As Hawkeye sails home by Christmas to keep his promise, the end of the Hawk Eye The series will hopefully see him return to his family’s farm and reunite with Laura and their children in time for the holidays.

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